Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty Girls Are Everywhere?

On July 4th 2007, Times Online published a list of the, in their view, 50 all-time worst footballers in English football's top division. In second place of this very entertaining read, you will find one of my teenage heroes, Tomas Brolin;
"Hard to imagine that Leeds United, normally a model of fiscal probity, paid £4.5m for the Swedish meatball in 1995. A good footballer treats his body like a temple. Brolin’s was a bouncy castle."

Brolin was part of Sweden's -94 World Championship team. I had a summer crush on him and Niklas Strömsted (the crush on the latter actually lasted for years) after the GES music video for När Vi Gräver Guld i USA (the Swedish World Cup anthem that year). That was before Brolin turned into a total meatball.

Why this piece of football crush trivia all of a sudden? In addition to extensive amounts of time with friends, this weekend brought with it a bit of beer and two football games. Arsenal vs Sunderland and Man U vs Blackburn on Saturday were both rather dull games, the first one in particular, but my girly crowd of companions managed to find plenty of consolation in the very handsome goalies in the first and ridiculously beautiful Ronaldo in the second. Lo and behold, pretty men bridged yet another gap :)

The list also holds this quote by a fellow Gunner and favorite author of mine, Nick Hornby:
“... painfully, obviously, out of his depth ... he looked like a rabbit frozen to the spot ... and then he starts to thrash about, horribly and pitifully...” (referring to Gus Caesar).

"Open your eyes and look around,
you'll always find pretty girls are everywhere."
Pleasures Remain - Pretty Girls (Magmatears - 2004)


Anonymous said...

"girly crowd of companions" Ahem!


But do warn me if that's going to be the situation again. I felt I was impecably behaved given quite how much I hate such conversations!

C said...

Oh, I do beg your pardon, dear Sir! I actually thought of this last night, that I should change the text to "girly crowd of companions (plus Dave)", but you beat me to it.

I am sure you loved those moments of insight into how most women view football games ;) At least I had fun, although the focus on the playing left something to be desired!

Daniel said...

I'm shocked to see Lundekvam opening the list, the man is a Southampton legend! I'd rather have Carl Leaburn mentioned somewhere, his non-scoring abilities were legendary among Wimbledon supporters. Then again Wimbledon had quite a few players who should have made the list. Anyone remember Stewart Castledine?

Nice picture of Tomas though. He could scare the hell out of me at the poker table.