Sunday, April 5, 2009

When You'd Hide, Your Songs Would Die

I am still a little out of sorts, but I watched Garden State, and have had some nice hours of music therapy on the floor in front of my CD shelves. When I was a child my mother would sometimes turn off all the lights, light candles, lie down on the floor and listen to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I don't think I ever reflected on why she would feel a need to do that back then, but I will try to remember to tell her that I loved it and that it's a great way to regain composure.

After a couple of beers with friends this afternoon I have to admit to having a slight buzz going, which is good. I'll give myself another couple of days to wallow in this misplaced autumnal feeling before Hanne's arrival to Helsinki, but then we're back to spring. It'll be fascinating to attempt a merger of my old Oslo self and the Helsinki C. Then again, maybe the two are not all that different, one just knows more about cause and consequence.

"So what if you catch me,
where would we land?"
Remy Zero - Fair (Villa Elaine, 1998)


Tiia said...

thought I'd drop in the see what you've been up to before I head off to work.. Anu's coming by the cafe today and then we'll head to WW.. hows about you drop by the cafe one day? =) ...tho not tomorrow or friday (closed for easter).. saturday and sunday we'll be open.. sunday'll prob be quiet (saturday's are usually extremely hectic)..
but yeah, drop by.. :) cheerio, Tiia

C said...

Hey you :)

I know, she texted me earlier. I'm a bit swamped down with work, but might show up today if I can get my brains with me out of the office.

I suggested lunch with Anu on Saturday, but don't know if she has time yet. Sunday might be a good day for a café visit, I have a friend over from Norway and Sunday has been kept open in case of sudden hang-overs :)

I suck for not having been to see you guys yet, but I'm still hoping the pressure will ease some time in the near future! Still hoping you'll ramp it up with wine serving soon, though :D