Friday, February 8, 2008

All Your Days Will Be Blessed

Busy, busy, busy week.

I saw My Blueberry Nights on Tuesday. The movie features Norah Jones as the young, heartbroken girl who makes friends with the ever lovely café owner Jude Law. She travels around the US for a year and meets different dysfunctional characters. I liked this movie, it was of the feel-good-kind but in a very down to earth "life isn't always sunshine and muffins" way. The filming was at times a little over-artistic, but all together it worked well with the soundtrack and colors of the movie. Worth seeing :)

Last week I went to see I am Legend, which was also entertaining enough, but not so feel-good'ish... It took me many years to see anything but Fresh Prince when seeing Will Smith, but I guess he has moved on... at least his upper body has!

Now, contrary to popular belief, I did not pick this movie because of the mentioned gentleman's six pack, the film came recommended. I've not read the novella the movie is based on, but I will. The story line in the book is based around vampires, but in the movie these have been replaced by blood crazed humans infected by some stort of rabies like virus. I have a feeling I liked the idea of what the story could be more than I liked the movie itself. The main character's existence could have been made into a much more interesting (albeit depressing) part of the movie. All in all, worth seeing, but I hope I'll get more out of it when I've read the novella.

On Monday I'm travelling to Oslo to see The Cure in concert. Been a fan since forever, never seen them before. Needless to say I am very excited. Tuesday I'm going to my old employer to spend a day trying to sort out their ordering system for them, before I come back to Helsinki. Friday I'm getting a hair cut, found a hair dresser through the JD network. So I guess next week will not be any calmer.

On the bleaker side:
Yesterday the world lost a good man. One of our co-workers based in Newcastle had a heart attack while playing football last night, and did not recover. He was my age, and an inspiration both in his cutting cynicism, sense of humor and talent. May his loved ones find comfort in his memory.
Rest in peace, Gavin.

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