Friday, February 15, 2008

Cut Here

The Cure played for more than three hours in Oslo on Monday – 36 songs. My head was literally hurting after, but it was an incredibly good concert that made it right into my top five (with Placebo in Seoul, Depeche Mode in Stockholm, Snow Patrol in Oslo and Mesh at Arvika). Robert Smith does look a bit haggard, and at times the bass was far too dominant and messed with the soundscape. Didn’t matter, when they kicked off with Plainsong I actually cried. Other definitive highlights were Lovesong, Letter to Elise, Pictures of you, Just like heaven, Never Enough, A forest and Jumping someone else’s train.

Unfortunately the AC in my hotel room was crap and I spent the night after the concert not sleeping. Hence, when I got home Tuesday evening after working myself into an Excel frenzy in Bærum all day, I had no energy left to go to the Client concert.

Wednesday I went to the JD welcome event and forgot my resolve to not drink during weekdays. Yesterday was, needless to say, a bit… grey.

Saw Lust, Caution last night, though, and that brightened my day (if not my mood) a bit. Lovely filming, very dark story. Halfway in I thought I understood where the criticism of the sexual scenes came from, but everything is tightly sewn together in the unexpected ending. Without the brutal intimacy between the two main characters the end would not be as moving as it is. I am happy I started this weekly movie thing, I've been lucky with the movies I've picked and some of the people I've met are simply _good_ people. Next week is National Treasure, though. Have a feeling the quality is going out the window with that one, but at least I'm prepared for it. Keeping in touch with my mainstream side here!

This afternoon I've had my hair cut by a girl I met through one of the JD movie nights called Kaisu (works in Point, Aleksi 13). I can honestly say it's the first time in my life I've felt completely at ease in "the chair", and I even booked a new appointment for my first ever color in two weeks (no, this is not another drunk blog)! Can't wait :D So, all fellow Helsinki'ers, I don't often recommend people in service industries as it tends to backfire, but with this one I can without doubt say you would be happy. Write me a comment if you want the details :)

Now, I'm off to Greg's house warming party in an hour or so, with my new hairdo. Will try to remember not to blog when I get home, but I guess we'll see tomorrow...
And we all know what day tomorrow is, right? FA CUP DAY! Yay! :D


Bocia! said...

I wanted to join one night in Jd (don't remember wich) and i check who was going.
then i saw you got a page in blogspot and read a bit.

you write good girl! :D

and I LOVE MOVIES, Empire is the only magazine i buy regulary and saw yu like movies too. good that too.

BUT. I'm actually writing because of the hair cut.
It's months i'm in helsinki and tried 2 places and both were really bad (HairStore in Kamppi and the other one here in Ruoholahti, no idea about the name). So, I'm completely open to advices and here you are, talking about hair cuts.
So, where should I go and who should I ask for my appointment?

thank you thank you

p.s: i will join JD to the cinemas soon, just I'm downloading quite much recently and I seen them all!
I suggest you No Country Fo Old Men.
It's slow, right, but Javier Bardem acts like nothing you've seen before and the story is just so Cohen's and the end is...well... you'll REMEMBER IT. :D


Livet i Finlandighet said...

Hi, and thanks for the compliment :)
Yes, I love movies. I have around 350 DVD's and I host the JD movie nights on a weekly basis. You should definitely join one of the events, there's a lot of brilliant people to hook up with and you will definitely not regret it.

I had actually given up on finding a hairdresser in Finland in general, but then I stumbled across Kaisu when she joined one of my movie nights. Point is on the fifth floor of Aleksi 13 (across Aleksanterinkatu from Stockmann), and it's a all round salon that do make-up, hair, nails and all kinds of stuff. Kaisu only works two days per week, so you have to call ahead and book an appointment. Their phone number is 09 624446, and they ask you if you have a preferred person you would like to book time with.

Kaisu also attends the weekly welcomes in Memphis on Wednesdays, so you should come there next week and come find me so I can introduce you to her :)

Funny you should mention No Country For Old Men, I was just considering whether I should sign up for it - one of the other dragons is hosting it before the WW this Wednesday. I'll take it as a sign and go see it. Thanks for the tip :)