Friday, February 1, 2008

Erase & Rewind

Yesterday I accepted a job offer. This morning I signed the contract that will make me sales manager of the company I work for starting April 1st, and this afternoon it was announced to the employees. I am a little bit overwhelmed, but I've had a lot of time to think about it and feel confident that I will do this job well. It'll feel good to have a more active role with the countries and dealers.

What is not so fun is how the competitiveness of this business suddenly sneaks up on you when something like this happens. There are the ones that come rushing to congratulate you and tell you how you deserve this, and then there are the ones that won't look you in the eye and make it their business to avoid you for the rest of the day.

Today there will be beer, and the rest of the weekend there will be sofa and dvd. And if I ever stick my nose in the air and act like you don't exist, feel free to simply walk away. It's still all about people.

PS. Do feel free to congratulate me, this is a very big deal and I am very happy about it! :D


Deb said...

Hi congratulations on the new job (not that I really knew what your old job was!).

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Kiitos, Deb :)
See you on Tuesday!

Hanne said...

Grattis med ny jobb :)

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Takker og bukker, frøken Svare :)
Jeg hadde ganske mye nerver før jeg signerte, kan du si, men det føles bra nå. Krevde litt omvenning å bli vant til tanken på å bli i Finland to år til, men etter litt justeringer på sosiallivsfronten skal vel det også ordne seg.

greensatya said...

Though a bit late, but congrats on the new job. Job in sales, I personally feel, is so exciting.

All the best

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Hi, and thanks! Never to late for congratulations :D