Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God's Light Will Save Us?

Just rediscovered Long-View - Mercury. One of the best albums there is, and I haven't picked it up for ages. The chorus line from Further reminded me of something; When I went to the JD book club one of the participants stated that he had outgrown his Catholic upbringing and was now areligious. Someone asked him if he did not have faith, and he said "I believe I can make my life better.". I made a statement at that point that "Isn't it like that these days, that the most believed in gods are ourselves?". All agreed, and the discussion ended.

Now, I believe I have a lot of good motives and that I have it in me to be a good person. I believe I can make the world a better place just by being me. Is this not faith? I think it is. Have we become our own golden calves and are we negating our own goodness by elevating ourselves to the level of gods?

Years back I would stick to a clearly defined belief that the individual is capable of unlimited good, but when individuals cluster together to form societies this potential plummets. I'll not go into this discussion here, but I am more and more often pondering how these two patterns of thought fit together. If the individual alone can do unlimited good, how is the individual as God a bad thing? And on the other hand, if every individual is God, how can it possibly be only good?

To celebrate this sudden pang of existensial thinking I will go out for beer and pizza with Miia, and probably crawl back home way too late considering I'm flying to London in the morning. Catch you on the flipside!

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