Monday, February 18, 2008

Like A Phoenix Out Of Fire Flames

I'm on a natural work-high. Some people don't understand what I mean when I say that, and I do pity them a bit :)

For some reason I haven't really listened to Dave Gahan's Hourglass before today. Don't know why, guess I've just been slow. The record is quite good, but I must say the difference from DM is minimal. A little more pure electronica, perhaps, but only one or two of the tracks would be a huge surprise on a DM record. Kingdom, Deeper And Deeper, Miracles and A Little Lie are my favorite tracks.

Yesterday I caught myself messing with my equilibrium. There's nothing worse, and I know I basically know better, but still, sometimes, I mean... man, life's complicated! Wish it came with a manual. Still, there is beauty in everything, and I am today back where I should be.

Found this video clip of Christopher Walken reading the story of the three little pigs. It's dead funny :D

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