Monday, January 28, 2008

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Hello, hello :)

Gotta love the dancing!

So far 2008 has been different. I am no longer bored out of my wits, nor am I stuck with the feeling that things are not moving in my life. I am, however, very overwhelmed by stress and pressure and JESUS, I need a vacation. So, in a couple of weeks I'm going to take two whole days off and go to London for a long weekend. Go me and my new year's resolutions (stop being bored, travel more and stay clear of men that put me in a corner)!

The Best of 2007 lists are out. (my all time favorite record store) usually make lists I can relate to, but this year something is off. No. 1, Arcade Fire's Neon Bible is ok enough, but where are all the really good records of last year? The National, The Editors, Babyshambles, Cloud Cult... It feels like my people are letting me down! I have not seen any Finnish best of lists, and nor will I, as they are sure to make me want to rip my hair out. Fortunately Q Magazine did not leave me out in the cold and made a pretty ok list.

I went to see the Bob Dylan movie the other day. I'm Not There was an interesting affair. I can not say I loved it, because the 45 first minutes were pure torture. Cate Blanchett's part, however, was amazing and beautiful and man, I have to learn more about Bob Dylan now. Kinda freaked me out that Heath Ledger died. Only 28 years old... that could be me. Except I don't lead a very I-could-die-any-moment-kinda lifestyle (although it felt like it when I woke up yesterday after partying too hard Saturday night).

I really want to go on a road trip to Romania and see the Carpathians this summer. Everyone keeps telling me that it's a bad idea, I should go to Paris or Rome or Barcelona and just do the big city thing I love so well. But no, I hear the call of the wild ;) And I have this urge to read Kostova's Historian all over again.

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