Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life Is A Rollercoaster

It's funny how, just when you think you've hit an all time low in your social life, it suddenly picks up with a mind blowing speed and literally leaves you gasping for air after a week of juggling schedules and running from one thing to another. In other words, I've had some tosi good days this week.

The Jolly Dragon thing I tried out on Wednesday was ok. A bit different from HSC and other similar things I've been to, might be less of a "contact" thing and more of a "potential friend" thing? I don't know, I'll give it another couple of shots before I make my mind up about it. Also, they seem to have a great variety of events going on, maybe I can even persuade enough people to join me in launching a pop quiz!

There's also been a lot of Lotta time this week, and I must say I've missed that. On the list of women I've met she ranks pretty high! Saturday evening we went to see Control in Tennispalatsi first - my second viewing and even better this time around. We then joined some of her girlfriends in a bar called Cuba. Never been there before, but it was not half bad and I'll probably go there again. Seemed to be preferred by swedish speaking finns, which suits me just fine.

Tomorrow: Work out! (I think.)
PS. It could be argued that the title of this post ruins all musical credibility I might have, but my name is Cecilie and I like Ronan Keating. Give me a ten step program to get it out of my system or deal with it ;)

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