Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Those Flashing Lights Come From Everywhere

Bowler hats. Why are they called that? Because the top looks like a bowl? And did the guy who plays in Clockwork Orange ever star in anything else? Some actors do all kinds of weird shit after their big hit... Like Kyle McLachlan went on to do both Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives after his Lynch era with Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Dune. Weird...

Sometimes there are so many questions in my head I don't know where to begin. I read about this guy who wrote a book about reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittannica in a year - he apparently did not get many questions answered but learnt all kind of crazy stuff he didn't really need. Maybe his brain is just constructed in a way that makes the wrong kinds of information stick. I mean, you think you'd at least come out from something like that with an ability to win every single cross word competition you entered and get filthy rich that way. (Is there such a thing as cross word competitions where you can win money?) Yet another question. I bet they don't answer that one in E.B., so there you go, maybe he wasn't so daft after all.

I am starting to think that everything is actually going to be just fine.

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