Monday, January 7, 2008

Tell Me Again, What Am I Feeling?

After two years of Finlandic living it's time to give blogging in english a shot. 2008 has so far (seven days in) been the year of making drastic, life altering decisions that either break my heart or turn my life upside down, so why not!

Tom McRae - King of Cards (2007)
I loved McRae's two first records (Tom McRae, 2000 and Just Like Blood, 2003). End of the World News (Dose me up) received massive radio exposure in Norway, and by all means, it's a good song. Both albums are lovely, with Bloodless, Draw Down the Stars and You Only Disappear as definite peaks. I've yet to hear his third record, All Maps Welcome (2005), but with last year's release he managed to get my attention.

King of Cards is very McRae, he hasn't changed much since the first two albums. Hence, if you're after revolutionary ideas this will not be your slice of pie. If you, on the other hand, are into Nick Drake/Bob Dylan/Damien Rice'ish modern day troubadourism, you'll love it. The first three tracks make the record easy to like, but track 9 - One Mississippi is the main attraction.

Remember: Buy it, don't steal it.

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