Saturday, January 19, 2008

Walk Away In Silence

I've been to Matkamessut today (Helsinki Travel Fair). Was hoping to be royally inspired for a trip to Romania, but the people at the stand didn't speak english. Got some good offers on flights, though, so look out London and Paris - here I come (again). I've also found my future TV at On-Off in Sello, and could use a couple of strong men that want to do some heavy lifting (anyone?).

Yet another good week, even though my sleep is extremely disturbed. I'm guessing it has to do with work, but if it doesn't fix itself soon I'll have to do something about it. I finally met a fellow Norwegian that doesn't work for Nissan (Trygve, from JD, very nice), and a lot of other lovely people from the same organization. I think I'm about done making my mind up about it, and I think it's good :)

Thursday I went to the cinema to see Control for the third time, and it touched me even more than the first two times. If you don't get why I would go see the same movie three times in the cinema, _please_ don't ask me. I've tried to explain it to people a couple of times by saying stupid music geek things like "It's like when you put a really, really good record on and you just want to hear it again and again and again until you would recognize every song everywhere and it merges with life itself.", but it just sounds pretentious. You don't have to get it, it's just a good movie.

Control is based on Touching from a distance, the Ian Curtis biography written by his wife Deborah, but also on letters between Curtis and his lover Annik. Tony Wilson co-produced the movie with Deborah amongst others before he himself died last year.

The movie follows Ian Curtis from age 17 through to his marriage to Debbie, the time with Joy Division and onto the time of his death. The entire film is in black and white, as almost all footage of Ian Curtis was without color. All live performances in the film are performed by the actors, and it is chillingly good. The soundtrack was put together by the members of New Order.

Two of the times I have seen Control it has been with friends that do not have a strong relationship to the music - one of them none whatsoever. Still they both loved it. For me this film is first of all something I've been waiting for since I read Touching from a distance years ago and heard a movie was coming out, but also something that brings back an artist that I am too young to have seen but has been partly responsible for my love of music.

I would recommend Control to anyone who likes music or movies. It is not only a good movie with good music, but also a piece of music history it wouldn't hurt to learn ;)

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