Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Look So Fine

Some people are all that. (Off course some of them _are_, but those are not the ones this little piece of the world wide web is about.) They look a little bit fresher, dress a little bit sharper, sound a little bit louder and simply take a bigger piece of the ether than others. Some times I take up too much space myself, I'll not argue on that point, but the one thing I can not (with my Norwegian Jantelov-discipline) fathom is the "I look so fine" thing.

What defines a good looking person? Model looks? Intense eyes? Muscular body structure? Thin thighs? Big boobs? Huge biceps? Whatever happened to the full package? Since when did someone who does not even stoop to the level of addressing you in conversation reach any level whatsoever of attractiveness? My standards are clearly somewhat differing from the norm on this point.

So, am I strange to think there has to be a certain level of intellectual stimulation present for interest to be in its place? Should I simply let my blow-my-mind-with-your-words guard down? Would my life be better if I aimed to be mind-fucked (or even better, physically so) by the white pieces of meat I am confronted with in daily life? After all, bloody steaks are bad for digestion.

I will undoubtedly investigate this topic further on Friday.

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