Thursday, July 10, 2008

Want II

This morning I remembered why I stopped going to the JD weekly welcome on Wednesdays months ago. Hopefully it'll stick this time around. New colleague Kjersti was introduced to a couple of outside-of-work people, and it was all good fun. After a couple of weeks of insane work load and little sleep I am, however, feeling relatively tired at the moment. The weekend will be good, I just have to stay awake for Bruce first - going to see him in Helsinki with Deb, David and Paul tomorrow.

My Monday in Geneva was good, it was my first time on Swiss soil and I will definitely go back with some more time to see the country. Nature wise it is off course very similar to Norway, but the architecture got me really interested. There are so many places to go, so little time to do it in!

I want to listen to PJ Harvey's C'mon Billy and sing along so loud it rattles the windows. I also want to go to Newcastle and drink beer. And to get a new dog... I know I thought I'd never get one again, but I so miss the company of one, maybe I'll cave in and compromise with a cat. With this working schedule a dog would be miserable with me. On the other hand, even feline companions need a bit more stability than I can offer. *sigh* I need a pet, any volunteers?

I finished reading After Dark, and although I'm not totally sold on the author it was entertaining enough and I'll remember it for a while. After that I read Tideland by Mitch Cullins on various flights all over the place, and loved it. It's about a girl who gets dragged off to the middle of nowhere with her junkie father and how her over-active imagination spins an alternative perception of reality around her to shield her from what's going on. Rather brutal, and not at all the cute fairy tale story I was half expecting. Definitely recommendable.

Am now reading Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions - this is my second encounter with the author after reading Travels in the Scriptorium over New Year's. Loved that one, and have high hopes for this one as well. So far it's promising, I like his style and have already found a quote from it that I'll keep, a kind of meditation on silence. Which reminds me, I'd like to read Gibran's The Prophet again, maybe that's next. Have so many unread books waiting, though.

Type 0's October Rust found it's way to me again, and is my current in-the-car entertainment. Have also started listening to music in the office to shield myself while working with the new tool I'm developing. So far Sweden is totally sold on it, so it seems I had the right idea. Have to roll it out to the other markets, but that's next week's project on top of everything else that's going on.

After five years working with distribution I've almost forgotten how it feels to have a learning curve like this. Almost everything I do I've never done before, it's sink or swim in the extreme. Although I complain about not having enough hours in the day I have to admit I'm loving it. I wonder what I'll be capable of when I emerge on the other side of it all, and how it'll change my perspective and dreams. And, will it make me a better person? Or just really fed up with Excel? :)

I am now going home to sleep and water my poor ferns. Go to bed, world :)

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