Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Sexy It Hurts?

It's been a while since my last random rant about the ridiculous attractiveness of various individuals (well, only a couple of weeks since my last ode to Trent, but nevermind). In today's temporary return from blog vacation, the first topic is Sarah Bettens. Now, I can hear you go "huh?" as the cogwheels in your head are trying to wrap your memory around this name. I don't think you'll get anywhere, to be honest.

K's Choice was mentioned a couple of posts down. This is a Belgian band consisting of brother and sister, Gert and Sarah Bettens. "Aha!", I hear you go. Well, when I got to know their music, my gaydar was literally doing cartwheels all over this girl, but no, she was happily married and basically as straight as they come. HAH! Eight years later and the girl is out. Unfortunately she's out in the US and already hooked up with a partner and stepkids, but I guess they can't all move to Finland ;p

I know no-one will believe this, but I was roaming the web for something as innocent as the director of 9 1/2 weeks for one of my previous posts, I came across the blog of an earlier US female glam model turned photographer, and to make a long story short I am as a result now a little bit in love with one of her models, which _in turn_ turns out to be a hot shot porn model who markets herself as the world's hottest geek. In this case I am tempted to believe the hype.

Justine Joli picked her name after the leading lady in one of de Sade's stories, and this again leads me to, not another crush, but the splendid film Quills, featuring one of my favorite actresses Kate Winslet, plus Geoffrey Rush and Joaquin Phoenix. This is a very, very good film (about de Sade) that I've never known anyone else to have seen. If you want to loan it you know the drill.

And last, but not least, from the dark corners of Tallinn (am on business trip again) I present thee with Sufjan Stevens. Listen to Chicago and like it. (Snow Patrol namedrops Stevens in their song Hands Open from their 06 record Eyes Open, in the lines "Put Sufjan Stevens on and we'll play our favorite song. "Chicago" bursts to life and your sweet smile remembers you." Not the best of SP tunes, but interesting (?) trivia nonetheless.)


Jo said...

So, what's the name of this sexy redhead??

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Justine Joli, the following paragraph is also about her :)
Enjoy ;)