Sunday, March 30, 2008

Better Than Chocolate

Friday almost all Nissan HQ'ers gathered in Cuba to say goodbye to Mark and Mike. It had been a weird and emotional day in the office, and for me the evening was also a bit sad. Both have inspired me greatly, and I was hoping to gain from working with them for more time to come. I hope their paths will cross mine again at some point.

Saturday my eye was getting a bit better, and I went to town to hook up with Deb and David for a pre-noon beer and some crafts shopping. While David ventured out to find a shirt for their wedding, Deb introduced me to a little yarn emporium in Helsinki, and I left the store with Aida fabric for all the cross stitch patterns I have been waiting to start, as well as knitting needles and yarn for two starting projects. After this I was even introduced to an English pub! In Helsinki! Praise the lord and say bye-bye to crap Finnish draft beer! :)

Returning from town yesterday it quickly became clear that my immune system was not completely done with creating havoc, so evening plans were cancelled in favor of an early night in bed. Today has also been a bit shaky, but it feels like I'm returning to my normal self. The upside of this was that I could wrap myself in blankets, find a webpage to remind me of how to cast on masks, and suddenly I was knitting :) Very simple knitting, mind you, but still! Deb has promised to teach me more advanced techniques, and I can hardly wait. There will be _socks_, I tell you! SOCKS! *mad scientist laughter*

To accompany the knitting I've finally started listening to A Thousand Splendid Suns (same author as The Kite Runner) on audio cd. I've had it since Christmas, but audio books have never been my thing. As entertainment while working with your hands it is, however, brilliant, and I am almost through all ten discs.

I now only have one working day left in Distribution - Tuesday I start my new job. Am a little nervous, but mostly just extremely excited :) Wednesday Arsenal takes on Liverpool in the CL, and I'll watch the game with a couple of friends in Elmo. Thursday The Kite Runner is featured on movie night, and then Friday is off before Arsenal and Liverpool go head to head again in the Premier League on Saturday, again a game I will enjoy with great company in Elmo.

Life, give or take a sick day or two, is very, very good :)

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