Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Replaces Fear

I got my new car yesterday, and I have to say I love it. No more silvery or grayish cars for me for a while. This one lets me plug my mp3 player to the soundsystem, which is a good thing as it means I no longer have to load the entire car with CDs.

A lot of job training this week, it's starting to take form and I can hardly wait to start the new position. Wednesday was weekly welcome day, as usual, but this time with D&D. Hilarious evening, my stomach muscles were hurting on Thursday... and unfortunately so was my head :p

Hallam Foe was a quirky affair. Hallam's mother dies, and kiddo goes mental. Lives in a tree house, wears his mothers dress and paints lipstick circles around his nipples before randomly scaring people shitless. Spies on everyone and has a thing for stepmom. Sounds crazy, and it kind of was, but I really liked it. Feelgood movie, and definitely worth seeing. The soundtrack was good as well.

After the movie yesterday there was beer, but somewhere inside I found the strength to leave rather early and was actually in good form this morning. Have been to the Helsinki cathedral for a 3 hour Bach concert (St Matthew Passion), which was very lovely. Tomorrow we're having Easter lunch at Sebastian's place with the team and some friends, and Sunday there's Easter lunch in Vantaa. Food and good company makes for a lovely weekend :)

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