Sunday, March 2, 2008

When The Sun Shines We'll Shine Together

Have you ever had the feeling after waking up in the morning that you would give most anything to be back on Friday afternoon and just go to bed instead of starting a weekend full of insane partying? I think I have a friend or two who felt just like that this morning ;p My weekend was, however, surprisingly fine.

There Will Be Blood was an extreme contrast to the hopeless National Treasure from the week before. Superb acting, and the use of sounds and music was brilliant. The deaths in the mines fucked me up a bit, as they were rather brutal, but the brutality and lack of pink soft filters is exactly what makes this movie so good. Day-Lewis in the lead looks like he didn't have to lift a finger to step completely into the role. Next week we have Sweeney Todd!

Hair coloring on Friday went well, and I can see how people get hooked on this (once again thanks to the lovely Kaisu). Good dinner and beers in the evening followed, but was in bed rather early and hence had a good start to my Saturday where I met up with D&D in Stockmann to get tickets for this summer's R.E.M. concert! We also wanted to go see Bruce Springsteen, but he was sold out. Saturday night party featured almost all of my favorite people, and I again managed to get myself away from the hustle and bustle of partying until closing hours. Today I've had a lovely pizza in my neighbourhood football pub, and will soon retire to bed with the last pages of American Gods.

I was very happy to learn that one of the guys I've met through JD, Henrik, accepted a marriage proposal from his girlfriend on Friday. Lovely people who deserve all good things :)


Bocia! said...

you're going to see Sweeney on Thursday.. DAMN! I wanted to come so much I asked my boss if I could leave earlier tomorrow, but it's the day after tomorrow and I can't!
:,( uff....

I found out that the game is on TV and only couple of friends (not even for Milan..) are coming with me, if you still wanna come you're welcome.

(I have also to ask you one thing about your last post... :D )

Too bad for Seeney..I'll watch Real-Roma then tomorrow!

take care

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Ah, I think we just crossed messages there. Good thing I didn't head off to the city centre, then ;)

No, I'll stay home tonight and catch up on some much needed sleep. Have done a marathon day at work today, and can hear my pillows calling my name from the next room :)

You need to ask me something? You have no idea how curious that makes me!

Have a great evening :)