Thursday, March 6, 2008

Heart-shaped Glasses

You know when someone breaks your heart and it's a total surprise? I had my heart broken a while ago, but it was nothing like that. I saw this one coming ages ago and the pinhole in my heart has been dripping pain for months already. So why on earth did I allow it to happen, you might ask? Well, because sometimes I just plain can't help myself. Welcome to rejection freak central, Espoo branch!

On a different Note (Nissan joke, pun intended), I am waiting for my new company car. It's an orange Micra, and I hope it will bring me as much good singing behind the wheel time as the current one has. Friday we are going bowling with my team, and I predict a difficult Saturday. I also managed to get myself into a well drunk state on Wednesday, rambling about in Vinyl with Kaisu and an Australian guy who was at his first WW. Judging from today's headache we took the welcoming very seriously.

Finally finished American Gods on Monday. One of my most talked about books, this was, and I will miss it. I wish Gaiman was more of a serial novel writer, so the characters would turn up again and again and again. At least they brought me much joy while it lasted, and I recommend the book to anyone. It is sharply clever, and Gaiman somehow manages to collect all the hundreds of little strings into a very coherent ending. I wonder what Shadow would think of the book if someone handed it to him while he was in prison.

The next meeting with the book club will tackle The Tipping Point, but after this excellent read I just can not bring myself to read a non fiction one, so I have now started on The Book of Lost Things.

Now, let's go make somebody's day better :)


Geir said...

Well at least we get to revisit Shadow (and possibly also mr. Wednesday and a few others..) in one of the short stories in Fragile Things. Plus, Good Omens is fun as Hell (pun definitely intended, albeit not a Nissan one) so unless you've already plowed through those I can still recommend it.

Feel better. You still have people in low places that care about you even though not all of us sound off as often as we perhaps once used to.

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Yes, but I didn’t really like the Fragile Things stories, Shadow belongs in longer tales 

I gave up a bit on Pratchett a couple of years ago, totally overdosed on the disc world series, but I’ll give Good Omens a go for Gaiman’s sake after I’ve ploughed through some of the books on my to-read list.

Doing better now, but it wouldn’t _hurt_ with a visit from the old country every once in a while ;)
Åssen går’e’a?

Bocia! said...

how is it going with The Book Of Lost Things?

Are you already at the part where... just kidding! :)

I just, right now, finished The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman.
Reeeeally nice.

I ordered 5 books two days ago, among which there's also American Gods... ;)
now i have so much expectation about it! can't wait!

p.s: how can i get my picture in my profile? i just can't...

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Hey :)
I'm about half way through, and still enjoying it. I like the sinister twist on the stories the people are telling him.

You will like American Gods, definitely a good investment. I have no idea what book to grab on to after this one, but I think I might pick Ink by Hal Duncan (second part of The Book of All Hours).

Where in your profile do you mean?

Bocia! said...

you know, like i can see your pic in front of the pc with left hand under the cheek everytime you post...

i don't have that... :(

i really only liked The Croocked Man in that book... i dunno... guess after The Book Thief it was too simple...

I will start High Fidelty tomorrow! :D

have a nice night,

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Hm... actually I don't remember and right now I'm too tired to find out. You have to upload it first and then link the url to your profile, I think, but I can look into it tomorrow.

After you've read High Fidelity I expect you to make some kick ass lists. I am still kicking myself every day to avoid listing all kinds of useless stuff on my blog, I've found it doesn't really make for interesting reading as I only rant on about music that no-one has heard of :p

Good night :)