Monday, March 10, 2008

Let Me Take You On A Trip

I am currently on drugs, as my screw-in-the-jaw-implant has been acting up, rendering me unable to perform in society except as a whining, feeling-sorry-for-oneself bitch from hell. Fortunately it turns out dentists can describe (here I should have written "prescribe", but is indeed good to know they can describe the stuff they want people to take as well) perkiness in tablet form.

To brighten up my day I started looking into vacationing, and I've come up with the following wish list (not in any specific order).

I was supposed to go there for Easter -07, but when planning I got carried away and we suddenly ended up going to Laos instead. Work of a mastermind, clearly, as I've never been anywhere that nice, but still off target. Am on an Asian break at the moment, but Cambodia will definitely be next stop when I start going back. Or maybe Vietnam... see, this is how I get sidetracked.

I want to go on a road trip through Romania. There are two problems with this; a) I don't want to go alone, and b) traffic in Romania is apparently insanely dangerous and I don't want to die on vacation after all. Found one blog with people that had backpacked off the beaten track from monastary to monastery, maybe that's an alternative that could fit me better?

Strangely similar to my plan B for Romania, I've for years wanted to go on a monastery-hopping vacation to Italy - alternatively go to just one and stay and work there for some weeks. This is a rather well established way of vacationing for people who are trying to retrieve sanity and/or have a major thing for churches and other religious sites (I belong to the latter group, in case you were worried).

New Orleans, USA
Granted, I should've gone before the hurricane hit, but that's a bit too late now, isn't it? I bet there's some jazz left in them ole streets yet, and if I'm lucky I might find a cure for my lust for Creole mysteries. Wouldn't mind submerging myself in the Creole and cajun cuisine for a while either. New Orleans is one of the places I could consider going when I get rich and old and am about to open my rock/book bar.

Weirdly enough, although I might just be the most ardent anglofile on the face of the planet, I have visited England as often as possible but never ventured to any of the neighbouring countries. Then again, I do have an ongoing lovestory with London, so maybe it's not all that weird after all.

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