Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fake Empire

This has been a very random weekend. Ended up not revolutionizing so much as blurring my life yesterday in Sini's place, and to make sure my Sunday would be hellish I had a bit of wine, a bit of champagne, a bit of hard liquor, truckloads of beer and went to sleep after eight this morning. Hyvä jutto!

There will be no watching the Arsenal vs Wigan game today if I'm not able to move from this chair. If I tell myself this a sufficient number of times I might be able to get up. No? Darn.

I accidentally discovered that the line-up of Arvikafestivalen this year is totally brilliant. Wasn't intending on going this year, as, well, I always went there with Erlend, but now I'm going to go anyway. Death Cab are playing :D Also found out that The National are playing on the Thursday of Øyafestivalen, so I might try to squeeze that in as well this summer.

Basically, it'll be good to go to work tomorrow, these weekends are killing me.

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