Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She Says

Today's topic is (as usual) problems, and I have a musical one. Somehow I seem to have misplaced the previously mentioned Howie Day's Stop All The World Now. I can not find Du & Jag Döden by Kent nor Editors' An End Has A Start either. As all three are amongst my favorite records, this causes no small amount of distress, but at least it leads me to believe they are all in the same place, and likely to show up when I least expect it.

My jaw is behaving much better now, and tomorrow I will see Cloverfield. If it's bad I will leave well enough alone when it comes to mainstream picks (at least until the Sex & the City movie is comes out). Mr Big played the perfect man in The Perfect Man (Hilary Duff disaster), by the way. He really _is_ New York, isn't he...

One of the managers in our company, a guy I highly respect and was looking forward to learning more from, announced today that he will be going back to South Africa come April 1st. I guess it was no huge surprise, it's natural that he would stay almost three years and then head back after finishing a fiscal year, but still... I hate it when people leave, it's one thing I've never been able to deal with without becoming unbearably sad.

I also found out today that my blog audience is partly not what I think it is. Not that it matters at all, I've been blogging for too long to know what to put on here and not, but still a bit surprising. Kind of like when you hold the shift button on your keyboard in for too long and the handicap function sets in. You know it's not going to break anything, but all of a sudden you're all consious about your use of the button. Until you forget, off course, which is something like five seconds later.
So... I was saying?


Bocia! said...

I know!
by me is almost like this: a part from the very good one, the closer the friend, the less they watch it...

dunno why...

congratulation about the shift-button metaphor. really enjoyable.

Livet i Finlandighet said...

Exactly. Somehow you just get used to the fact that close friends and loved ones simply do not read your blog. So when someone suddenly does it's like... what?

I don't know, guess it's because it's too much like a diary, at least with me. You don't always want to know about all the stupid stuff your friends have going on in their heads.