Sunday, March 9, 2008

Even The Wrong Words Seem To Rhyme

0-0 against Wigan Athletic. Good thing I'm not a gambling woman, 'cause my safe bets sometimes turn out to be not so safe.

I've watched a movie this evening - The Perfect Man. Horrid piece of sh*t (the fact that Hilary Duff plays the leading part should have tipped me off), but it featured Collide by Howie Day - a little piece of music miracle I hadn't heard for a while. Look it up on youtube, it's a good song that deserves a bit of attention.

Found a great blog today, written by a guy who does freelance work for Lonely Planet. Stumbled across it while looking into sites on Romania, and ended up reading for hours. The link is in the right hand column (Killing Batteries), also worth checking out. I'm sales pitching all kinds of stuff today, aren't I?

I am so tired again today, when is this going to end? Will now drag myself off to bed, it shall be good to have some sleep. Next week I'll try to start swimming again.

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