Saturday, March 8, 2008

This Is The Next Century

I am not a world class bowler, that's for sure. I just barely managed to beat Miia, whose wrists were so weak we were worried she would bowl herself down the lane in the end. Tapasta was great, as always, but after a couple of bottles of wine and sangria heads were spinning already at a very early stage of yesterday evening.

Today I would give a lot of money for a good game of football, but as Arsenal are playing tomorrow I might end up settling for Liverpool vs Newcastle at the local pizza joint. Am planning to revolutionize my life by having an alcohol free Saturday :p

Sweeney Todd was my kind of movie, I have to say. Loved the music, and loved the acting. The entire film was very, very Burton, and both leading actors were just right for their messed up roles. Before the film a trailer was shown for a movie that gave me very strong Clockwork Orange vibes - Funny Games. I hope they put it on in Finland at some point.

Speaking of A Clockwork Orange, I woke up this morning with The Universal in my head. Quite a good tune, that, I must say I've not listened to Blur for ages, maybe I should do some CD shelf rummaging today...

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